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Social? BROKEN - Keto - I couldn’t beat the keto flu until I found this life-changing keto hack

Although I was always super motivated and followed all the tricks and tips for getting through the dreaded keto flu, I failed every time I tried to start the diet. Once I decided to research deeper into the science of keto adaptation, I figured out a way to “cheat” the keto flu by hunting down the best exogenous ketone supplement I could find on the market. Here’s how I did it.

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keto flu

You know those people who are scared to start anything for fear of failing? Yeah, I’m not one of those people.

I’m great at starting things, just absolute rubbish at following through with anything. My relationship with the ketogenic diet is the perfect example of this.

I’ve actually tried starting the keto diet many, many times, and up until now, I have managed to mess it up every time during the first week because of how hard I feel the “keto flu”.

My Harrowing Keto Flu Experience

If you’ve ever tried getting into keto, then you already know the struggle. Although called the keto “flu”, what happens to your body during the first week of keto has nothing to do with actual influenza!

Water Weight And Electrolytes


Every time I cut carbs out of my diet, I immediately feel a glorious reduction in bloating from practically day one.

All the extra water I’ve been hauling around is being flushed out with the glycogen stored inside my muscles as my body tries to use up as much of the leftover carbohydrates as possible.

While I am in no way complaining that I am losing water weight, it does come with some issues. Firstly, when the water begins to really flush out of my system, I find myself feeling more and more foggy and fatigued. I researched why this was happening and it actually turned out to make a lot more sense than I was expecting.

So, what I found out was this: when the body lets go of water, it inevitably flushes out minerals along with it. These minerals, namely potassium, magnesium and sodium, are essential for proper bodily function, and without them, you could be facing a barrage of negative effects, including muscle cramps, digestive problems, headaches and more.

I finally understand now that this loss of electrolytes (essential minerals) is one of the main reasons I’ve always felt so awful during the first week of keto.

It was at this point that I thought of it: if I could take a supplement that could replenish my lost minerals, maybe I could beat the keto flu! Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple… yet.

Energy Dips During Work

After the revelation that I was deficient in electrolytes, I decided to try adding more salt to my food that would give me back the minerals I was losing. I really wanted to believe that cracking the keto flu once and for all was that easy.

Alas, although I did leave the house with a skip in my step each morning, by lunch time my brain felt fried and my body felt 100% done.

Doing anything productive at all seemed like a mammoth task and I started to ask myself whether it was even worth it to carry on trying. I feel like this is where most people, including me, tend to give up.

I decided to push on anyway, because while I was investigating electrolytes, I had an idea. What if my body was suffering so much because I literally didn’t have enough energy to work with? That’s when I shifted my focus to the bigger picture, and boy, did I learn a lot from it.

I decided that there must be a better way to get into keto than through sheer willpower alone, and that I couldn’t be the only one desperately searching for a solution.

After reading a fascinating study on exogenous ketones, I had a lightbulb moment that would change the way I saw keto forever.

Ketosis means your body relies on dietary/stored fat to make ketones for energy instead of using glucose, and it takes about a week to get into ketosis if you’re doing everything right.

But what really happens in that first week? If my body isn’t up to 100% percent efficiency on the ketogenesis front yet, and I’m depriving my body of carbs, where will my energy come from?

The answer, my friends, is from exogenous ketone supplement Keto BH Boost.

After trawling the keto forums, sifting through endless products and drinking too much coffee, I finally found what I was looking for – an exogenous ketone supplement called Keto BH Boost with goBHB ketone salts.

My theory was simple: If I add more minerals and energising ketones to my bloodstream than the few my body is managing to make by itself right now, I could beat the midday slump and feel energized and mentally clear. The only way to know for sure was to put it to the test.

Testing my goBHB Theory

The first thing I had to do was get my hands on a bottle of Keto BH Boost. I chose this particular brand over all the others because of a few key factors:

  1. It contains the specific patented goBHB ketones I was looking for
  2. I could afford it with money to spare
  3. The capsules are gluten-free and sugar-free
  4. It’s made in the USA
  5. It doesn’t taste disgusting like most competitors
  6. It has calcium, sodium AND magnesium!

My plan was simple: Every morning with my bulletproof coffee I would take 2 capsules of Keto BH Boost exogenous ketones. I would go about my day as normal and record my energy levels as the day wore on.

What I Noticed Immediately

One thing I never expected was how much better these capsules taste than any other exogenous ketones I’ve tried.

If you’ve never experienced the olfactory horror-show that comes with some of the lower quality keto supplements out there, just save yourself the nightmare and go straight for Keto BH Boost.

Keto BH Boost comes in a bottle with 60 capsules, so I had the perfect amount available to really test out the theory for a solid month using 2 capsules per day.

Unlike what has happened to me in the past, my stomach didn’t freak out the moment I took the capsules. On the contrary, I personally felt no indigestion or nausea whatsoever after taking them, which is a huge plus and a wonderful surprise.

The Results


Not to brag, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice to believe in my own instincts.

Looking back over the 30 days I spent using Keto BH Boost, I can’t believe that it took me so long to take control and beat the keto flu on my own terms.

If someone had told me a month ago that I’d be 15 lbs lighter and beaming with pride at the end of my experiment, I probably would have laughed at them.

Here is a quick summary of what I experienced using Keto BH Boost for 1 month.

Week 1: Be Gone, Keto Flu!

As it always is, getting psychologically ready to jump back into ketosis and really commit was scary. I think what made it even more scary was the fact that I knew what I was in for, keto-flu wise. To be honest, I think I nearly made myself sick just by being so paranoid!

However: To my absolute delight, my headache was pretty much non-existent the entire time, where some previous attempts had me moaning and groaning under the covers, cowering from my responsibilities.

Instead of overwhelming sleepy lethargy, I felt only 1 or 2 sporadic lags in energy throughout my work day, and this in turn gave me even more motivation to keep giving my best.

Week 2: Is This What Having Energy Feels Like?

What started as an experiment in beating the keto flu soon became something much more awesome as week 2 rolled around. Things began to happen that I didn’t expect. For example:

When I arrived at work each morning in my second week of taking Keto BH Boost capsules, I didn’t take my usual 30 – 45 minutes dawdling around online waiting for inspiration.

I didn’t even think about it. Instead, I walked into the office brimming with ideas and ready to bring them to life. Talk about a time-saver and a productivity booster!

Weeks 3 and 4: Euphoria Explosion And Fat Reduction!

I feel like we need to talk about happiness for a second. I’ve heard many times on keto vlogs and low-carb blogs that going keto can help your mental clarity and overall sense of wellbeing.

To me, that sounded like a bunch of buzzwords thrown together to promote their perspectives, and sadly, I may have thought this way my whole life, had it not been for this Keto BH Boost experiment.

By week 3, I had lost just under 10 lbs of water and body fat, and had gained a spring in my step that others noticed even before I did.

My boss did a double-take and literally asked if I’d won the lottery when I waltzed in 20 minutes early on a Friday morning singing the song I’d heard on the car radio minutes before.

Conclusion: I Can Live Without Keto BH Boost, But Do I Want To?

Usually I get bleak and sad when a fun adventure comes to an end, but this time, I had the choice to turn a month of learning and growing into a life-time’s worth.

That 15 lbs I lost with Keto BH Boost finally put me under the 200 lb mark, and the intense feeling of pride and achievement I experienced seeing 199 lbs on the scale is indescribable.

Something I can describe is how my perspective and understanding of ketone supplements has done a 180 in this month of discovery.

I could have predicted that I would love losing weight (duh), but little did I know that I’d be blessed with such life-altering extras as boundless energy, a surge in productivity and a new, more positive lease on life.

Now that I’m in ketosis, my experiment seems to have reached its logical end, but there is no way on Earth I’m going to abandon something that has done so much for my body, mind and spirit in such a short time.

Keto BH Boost, sign me up for another 60, please!