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Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo

Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo is an all-natural, paraben and sulfate-free shampoo designed to minimize the effects of DHT and promote strong, healthier hair by calming and soothing your hair follicles.

An exclusive blend of natural ingredients help improve volume and thickness while cleansing the scalp off DHT. Unlike other hair loss shampoos Clinical Effects Hair Therapy gently cleanses your hair without harsh chemicals..

  • Cleanses the scalp from damaging DHT
  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Gentle formula for sensitive scalps
  • Encourages new hair growth
100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free First-Class shipping on US orders $60+
A+ Rated Business
  • Mary J.
    Thumbs up! A real game changer!
    "True to it's promise - my hair has never felt thicker and seems to be growing back!"
  • George
    Very satisfied with the product.
    Pleasant smell, seems to volumize, hair looks much more healthy, softer and appears to clean well. Will return to purchase more products.
  • TV
    This is an outstanding product!
    I've just completed six months of using this product and the results have been thicker and more manageable hair that rarely falls out like when I were much younger.
  • Jeff
    Best shampoo ever!!
    I used to have a serious embarrassing bald spot. After 2 1/2 months of using this amazing shampoo treatment. I hardly even noticed myself in the mirror.

    The bald spot and receding hairline is almost unnoticeable. I highly recommend this amazing product to the world.
  • Chelsea W.
    Happy to order again .
    Looking forward for a better healthy hair . Thanks
  • Britney J.
    I highly recommend it.
    This product helped me reduce my thinning hair problem. It took about 2 months but my hair definitely is thicker than it was back then. I am not a fan of its scent (mint), but I can live with that.
  • Kate L.
    I like that it moisturizes my hair so that I don't have to use a conditioner.
    I went on a low carb eating plan about 6 months ago. While I achieved my health goals, I ended up losing a lot of hair. In about 4 weeks of using this shampoo, I began noticing the difference. Less hair in the sink during shower.
  • Kelvin G.
    I have recommended your product to a couple of friends. God bless!
    One of the first things I noticed after using your shampoo was a reduction in dandruff. My wife brought it to my notice. After about 6 weeks of usage I began experiencing less hair fall in the shower. My eating habits haven't really changed so I don't think it's a coincidence.
  • Stacey G.
    An Amazing Shampoo
    “I have tried every hair loss shampoo on the market but this product just makes my hair happy and healthy. Most of the other shampoos I have tried are so hard on my hair, Clinical Effects not only works great but feels great too! As a 53-year-old woman, I can embrace my changes a little better with your products! I gave it 4 stars because I would like to have a conditioner available as well”
  • Christopher S.
    Quick and to the point
    I must it’s a good shampoo I see results my hair seems stronger and thicker, looks like it grew in more, but who knows
  • Robert M.
    It took time, but it worked. I am grateful.
    Once you apply, leave it on your hair for some time. Let it absorb. This is when I noticed visible results. I can't express the feeling of regaining lost hair, the confidence. And appreciate the bulk discount.
  • Abby B.
    I have been using your shampoo for the last 3.5 months. I am not a fan of the scent, but it's not overpowering either. I noticed significant results once I started using a natural based conditioner. My hair fall has reduced from 95 to about 60 (yes I counted) on days I take a head shower.
  • John S.
    The Best!
    “I am so glad to have finally found products that deliver real results! The Hair Therapy Shampoo works better than anything I have ever tried! After only a few days of use, I noticed a big improvement in my hair. It's thicker, stronger and seems to be growing back in some places. I'm so happy I found ClinicaEffects!”
  • Amy H.
    It Really Works
    I was nervous about a product that suggested I was my hair daily, since that can be really drying for the hair, but it's been six weeks and my hair is stronger than ever!
  • Roy K.
    One month was all it took
    After 4 weeks my thinning hair is back to normal again!
  • Tom M.
    Thicker hair in less than two months!
    Couldn't believe it, but the results are staring me in the mirror every day
  • Jose C.
    These Reviews Are No Joke
    Just use every other day (dries your hair out otherwise) and watch your hair thicken like crazy!
  • Jean F.
    No more hair loss!
    As a 35 year old woman thinning hair was the least of my concerns, but a thyroid problem left me scared I was losing more hair by the day. Clinical Effects has made my hair even stronger than it was before!
  • Roger B.
    Just got it
    Product smells good, makes the scalp feel fresh during and after. Satisfied so far, looking forward to results
  • Hazel A.
    Now I can stop wearing hats!
    I'd been really upset about my recent hair loss and covering my head whenever possible to hide the worst of the damage. This stuff really works! My confidence is a lot higher. It's nice to feel comfortable in my own skin again.
  • David M.
    Took a while to kick in, but I'm happy now.
    First month very little progress was observed, but at the end of month two everyone had noticed my hair was growing back in! Feels awesome.
  • Esteban A.
    I have zero complaints, the shampoo is working perfectly. excited to see the first signs of regrowth
  • Erika K.
    Does the trick!!
    I love this! I make sure to use a really hydrating shampoo and the daily wash works for me. I'll be keeping an extra bottle around in case my husband starts getting worried about his hair.
  • Kathryne C.
    Less breaking, ultra-clean hair
    Cleans super effectively, which is what I was looking for. I use a lot of product in my hair and washing can be a real pain. Thanks!
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