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    Get thicker, fuller hair the natural way with Hair Therapy Shampoo. This innovative hair-growth solution contains Biotin, Baicapil, and AnaGain. These plant-based ingredients work together to combat hair fall and support hair growth.

    Clinical Effects carefully crafted Hair Therapy Shampoo for both men and women to look and feel amazing.

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Hair Therapy Shampoo

Customer Reviews

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    • Mary J.
      Thumbs up! A real game changer!
      Verified Purchase
      "True to it's promise - my hair has never felt thicker and seems to be growing back!"
    • Stacey G.
      An Amazing Shampoo
      Verified Purchase
      “I have tried every hair loss shampoo on the market but this product just makes my hair happy and healthy. Most of the other shampoos I have tried are so hard on my hair, Clinical Effects not only works great but feels great too! As a 53-year-old woman, I can embrace my changes a little better with your products! I gave it 4 stars because I would like to have a conditioner available as well”
    • Amy H.
      It Really Works
      Verified Purchase
      I was nervous about a product that suggested I was my hair daily, since that can be really drying for the hair, but it's been six weeks and my hair is stronger than ever!
    • Jose C.
      These Reviews Are No Joke
      Verified Purchase
      Just use every other day (dries your hair out otherwise) and watch your hair thicken like crazy!
    • Jean F.
      No more hair loss!
      Verified Purchase
      As a 35 year old woman thinning hair was the least of my concerns, but a thyroid problem left me scared I was losing more hair by the day. Clinical Effects has made my hair even stronger than it was before!
    • Hazel A.
      Now I can stop wearing hats!
      Verified Purchase
      I'd been really upset about my recent hair loss and covering my head whenever possible to hide the worst of the damage. This stuff really works! My confidence is a lot higher. It's nice to feel comfortable in my own skin again.
    • Erika K.
      Does the trick!!
      Verified Purchase
      I love this! I make sure to use a really hydrating shampoo and the daily wash works for me. I'll be keeping an extra bottle around in case my husband starts getting worried about his hair.
    • Kathryne C.
      Less breaking, ultra-clean hair
      Verified Purchase
      Cleans super effectively, which is what I was looking for. I use a lot of product in my hair and washing can be a real pain. Thanks!
    • D. Schenck
      Hair Loss Troubles Have Disappeared
      Verified Purchase
      I'm very happy with this shampoo. For years now, my hair has fallen out of my head in clumps due to my hypothyroidism. It got so bad that I was vacuuming my office and bedroom on a daily basis just to keep my carpet from being completely covered by hair. Thanks to this product, I have been able to put an end to my daily vacuuming ritual.
    • M. R.
      Good enough for me
      Verified Purchase
      I've been using this shampoo for approximately one month. While I don't think I've grown any new hair, I definitely have noticed that my hair is falling out less. It also makes my curly hair much smoother and softer than it normally is.
    • Rachel Robertson
      Recovery In Progress
      Verified Purchase
      I've used products that are hard on my hair for years now, and it finally started to take a toll. Before I knew it, I realized my hair was thinning, and I even had big bald spots. When I first saw this shampoo, I was doubtful that it could really improve the situation. I was wrong though; my hair has recovered so much. It looks healthier and the bald spots are slowly but surely disappearing.
    • Krystal S.
      A Surefire Winner
      Verified Purchase
      When I hit my 50's, my mother warned me that I was beginning to lose hair. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized with a shock that she was correct. After doing more research, I decided this shampoo seemed like a preferable treatment to buying a product devoted to hair growth like Rogaine. Within just a few weeks of using this shampoo, my hair was much thicker and the bald spot I had noticed filled in. I'm very happy with the performance of this product.
    • H. Simmons
      Definitely will reorder
      Verified Purchase
      This shampoo is great and feels very one-of-a-kind. I've never found or used another shampoo product that's quite like this. When I first placed it in my hand, I thought it felt more like conditioner, but when I put it into my hair it lathered in exactly the way I'd expect from a good shampoo. The smell is fantastic and not overly strong. This shampoo builds up a thick foam that honestly feels totally perfect in my hair. I tend to try lots of different hair care products, but I'm definitely going to buy this one again.
    • John Washington
      Putting a stop to balding
      Verified Purchase
      I tried this product because I wanted to strengthen my hair. I suffer from male pattern baldness, so my goal was to try to keep as much of my hair as possible and stabilize my hair loss. This shampoo has made a noticeable difference. My bald spot is on the back of my head, and it isn't as pronounced as it used to be and looks like it is filling in slightly with hair. This shampoo, along with Rogaine hopefully will continue helping to keep my hair follicles strong and healthy.
    • Dorothy
      Scalp Feels Much Better
      Verified Purchase
      I have been dealing with hair thinning issues for many years. It was most noticeable during the late summer of 2018. I was told to use this shampoo to improve the health of my scalp. I am using this shampoo for nearly 3 months now and can feel less irritation on my scalp.
    • K. M.
      Strengthens Hair, But Drying
      Verified Purchase
      This is a great shampoo that lathers nicely with a pleasant scent. It has helped to increase the strength of my hair strands slightly, but I need to use a conditioner after shampooing.
    • B. Young
      Ended postpartum hair loss
      Verified Purchase
      I have been losing hair from the sides of my head after I gave birth to my child. When I tied a ponytail up, my scalp became visible on the sides of the head. After using this shampoo for some time, I see these spots being filled. I also see new growth on my hairline. Less hair falls out onto my clothes now. Thanks for this great product.
    • Tami Joseph
      A must-have
      Verified Purchase
      Out of all the products I have tried, this is my favorite one by far. After using it for two months, my hair is much thicker in the patches around my hairline and over my temples, and it also has lots of volume. It smells great too! I definitely will keep buying it.
    • Kerry H.
      So Glad I Tried It!
      Verified Purchase
      When I bought this shampoo I was skeptical but it is less expensive than the product I purchase at the salon, so I thought, "why not." After just one week of using it, my hair was much thicker, whereas before I couldn't get my hair to stand up away from my forehead (I am 48 years old and my hair is slowly thinning), but I now can rock the pompadour just like I could in the good old day. I now look 5 years younger at least. This shampoo made my hair thicker after using it for just one week.
    • Derek
      So grateful
      Verified Purchase
      I had so much hair falling out that I thought I would end up losing all of it. After using this shampoo for only one week, my hair is no longer falling out.
    • B. Tate
      Hair loss has ended!
      Verified Purchase
      I am looking forward to my hair starting to grow the way other reviews have reported, but I am very happy that so far I am not losing my hair any longer.
    • G. Hamilton
      A Little Goes A Long Way
      Verified Purchase
      This shampoo is fantastic. Even though it costs more than some other brands, it lasts a long time since you just have to use a small amount. After several weeks of using it, my hair looks and feels a lot thicker.
    • B. Gibbs
      Surprised it worked for me
      Verified Purchase
      I am always skeptical of trying new hair growth products since I have tried so many things in the past that haven't worked. This is my second time ordering this product, however, and I plan to buy more after this, as well. Based on my experience, this shampoo is really working. I noticed small changes starting to take place within a week of when I started using it. Now that I am on my second bottle, the changes are a lot more noticeable.
    • C. Lopez
      Worked perfectly
      Verified Purchase
      After going off of a medication that had caused my hair to thin, I wanted to find a product that would help make it thicker again. With the help of this shampoo, my hair is shinier and thicker than ever.
    • Sandra L.
      The Secret Is The Biotin
      Verified Purchase
      When I saw this product contained biotin I knew it was going to work. Six weeks later and my hair looks better than ever! You'll want to get on a biotin supplement if you can, I'm positive that was part of what helped me.
    • Maggie F.
      A must-buy if you're struggling with hair loss
      Verified Purchase
      My dad has been bummed out about losing his hair for a long time now. We've tried a lot of different products, and finally this worked! It's good to see him happy again.
    • Debbie R.
      Hubby is loving it
      Verified Purchase
      I never really leave reviews but my husband is so happy with his hair's recovery that I had to come and say something :) It was around week three that we started feeling hopeful, and by week six we were definitely sure it was working! Would definitely recommend.
    • Lawrence
      Works For Me!
      Verified Purchase
      I feel like my hair has actually gotten thicker from using this product. Sometimes when I get out of the shower, I think I look like Janis Joplin. I've been using Paul Mitchell Detangling Conditioner to help with the bad tangles in my hair. My method is to fill a squirt bottle with two-thirds water and one-third of the detangling conditioner, and mix it well. Rather than applying the conditioner directly while in the shower, I spray my hair using the squirt bottle after the shower and before I run a comb through it. This method works great for a leave-in detangler. Plus it makes each bottle of the detangling conditioner last a lot longer, saving me money.
    • Sandra
      Husband And Wife Approved
      Verified Purchase
      My husband and I each bought our own individual bottles of this shampoo. We don't like to share. We love the shampoo, however, especially how fresh and clean our hair feels after lathering and rinsing with it. Since beginning to use it, our hair loss has slowed noticeably, so we're definitely sticking with it.
    • Kimberly T.
      Verified Purchase
      This shampoo is amazing! When I started using it, I had noticed thinning hair on my head. Within a week of using this shampoo, things were improving, and they've kept moving in the right direction.
    • C. Rodriguez
      Try it and see
      Verified Purchase
      If you have this same problem, you will not regret purchasing this product.
    • Cassie Norton
      More please!
      Verified Purchase
      My hair seems to be stronger after using this shampoo for about one month, my hairline is fuller, and I'm not losing so much hair in the shower anymore! Definitely gonna buy again.
    • V. Roberts
      Saved what I had left
      Verified Purchase
      I used the shampoo to help with hair loss and hair growth. It appears to work since I have my hair still and it is fuller than before I first started to use the product. I have repurchased it a few times.
    • Blanche Rivera
      The whole family loves it
      Verified Purchase
      My daughters and I all really love this product! All of us use it and would never use anything else from now on. I noticed my daughters' hair was getting very thin and falling out. I recommended they use this shampoo since I had used it while I was going through menopause when I was desperate to not lose my hair. Within a few shampoos, they started to see results. This shampoo makes your hair have more volume and feel squeaky clean. We are all completely hooked and will not use another shampoo ever again.
    • Juana P.
      Saved my brittle hair
      Verified Purchase
      It appears to be working very well, I felt my hair was getting brittle and thinning out and it appears to help with nourishing my hair. After using the shampoo for a couple of days, I did notice that my scalp wasn't itching as much.
    • B. L.
      Fuller and softer hair
      Verified Purchase
      I have found that this product was very helpful in increasing my hair's volume and strengthening it. My hair is fuller and softer and I also like how it smells, with some other similar products has not been the case. I recommend this product since it works a lot better than a number of other products that I have used to thicken my hair without it feeling like straw.
    • L. Jacobs
      Fulfills its promise
      Verified Purchase
      I have tried out many expensive shampoos for years that claimed to stop hair loss and thicken but always ended up being disappointed. The ingredients in this shampoo actually do what they claim to do and smell good too.
    • G. Fields
      I'll be back soon!
      Verified Purchase
      I have tried multiple products of this sort and most of them either have an odd smell or left my hair feeling heavy. Ultimately, this product is a shampoo, and I wanted to enjoy clean hair and all of the benefits it provides without it smelling strange. Overall, I am very happy with the results I have received and will be purchasing this product again.
    • Kim
      It Takes Time, But It Works
      Verified Purchase
      This shampoo works really well for me. I have never liked having short hair. I have gone twenty years without cutting it. I then needed to go on a medication that causes iron deficiency. That was a very complicated decision to make. Hair or health. It takes time and it is not a miracle product. So thanks to this great product, I am recovering and feel a lot better now.
    • Kelli C.
      Loved it from the first wash.
      Verified Purchase
      For many years, I have experienced hair loss and tried out different vitamins, conditioners, shampoos. After the first time I used it, I loved how my hair felt. After using it a couple of times, I losing less where when shampooing it. After around one month I was barely losing any hair when shampooing. I am so happy with this great product.
    • J. S.
      On to bottle #2!
      Verified Purchase
      I just started to use the second bottle of this incredible shampoo. It is very gentle and helps to make my hair really manageable and soft. I started to use this product due to the fact that after I turned 50 my hair had started to thinning out and becoming very fragile. I looked everywhere for products that would actually deliver on what they are promising, and this product does. It has made my hair stronger and I have started to grow long again. I really can't believe this!
    • A. Henderson
      Stronger Hair With No Dandruff
      Verified Purchase
      I really love this product so much. I was searching for a great shampoo to help me with thinning and thin hair and this product was precisely what I was looking for. I tried out Hims and the products they offer are junk (don't even get me started on that) and even appeared to be counterproductive. However, the product did a lot more than simply help to thicken my hair. Also, I have not experienced any dandruff or dryness of my scalp. I strongly recommend it. FYI - I use this product on a daily basis and leave it for 3 to 5 minutes according to the directions.
    • Tracy
      This Is The One
      Verified Purchase
      I have used this shampoo for a couple of months and really like it. My scalp is no longer itching and it moisturizes well. It has definitely has reduced my hair loss and I believe it has helped with new growth as well. My hair is easier to manage, is shinier, and feels healthier. The bottle is a bit smaller than what I am used to but lasts just as long as my old brand. Even without hair thinning, I would still recommend this product and plan on continuing to use it.
    • Margie Wilkins
      Working so far
      Verified Purchase
      Just a small amount lathers up and has a pleasant smell. I let the shampoo sit for about a minute, and then rinse. My hair does feel a little dryer than when I use a conditioner. I use this shampoo 2 or 3 times per week. My hair stands up from my scalp and feels a bit thicker too. I have noticed more hair, but the major improvement is that it feels thicker after about one month. For a couple of hours, my scalp has a slight redness, like a slight peel, but it does go away. I will keep using it.
    • G. Porter
      Seeing The Difference Already
      Verified Purchase
      Even though I haven't used this shampoo for long, my hair already feels full and thick. I have been losing a lot of hair for the last six months, but this shampoo seems to have put a stop to hair loss. My hair feels soft after using this shampoo. I don't need to use a conditioner like in the past after using this shampoo.
    • J. Brock
      Results On The First Bottle!
      Verified Purchase
      I read many positive reviews about this shampoo before purchasing the product. All these reviews are true, the shampoo works well. I have noticed a reduction in hair loss in a short time. You will see positive results before you finish the first bottle. I am so happy that this product helped me after my pregnancy hair loss. Just after one and a half months of using this shampoo, I can proudly show my hairline once again.
    • L. F.
      Softer Hair With Less Gray
      Verified Purchase
      This is my second order because I liked the shampoo right away. My hair became softer after the first use. Even my hair stylist is surprised. After a few weeks of using the product, I have noticed a lot less grey hair. Even though I don't see a significant improvement in the areas of hair loss, having less grey makes it worth using the shampoo.
    • S. Fox
      Thicker, Stronger Hair
      Verified Purchase
      I am surprised at how strong and shiny my hair has become after using this product. Even people who don't usually notice my hair started to compliment me on the condition of my hair. I will purchase more of this product and can't wait to try the other products of the company. I think the bottle should be bigger than what it is now. But a little shampoo goes a long way with this product.
    • Lena
      It works!
      Verified Purchase
      I have used many shampoo products in the past and saw no positive results. Most of these products didn't lather at all and left my hair feeling lifeless. This shampoo lathers well and makes my hair feel so soft and healthy. I am buying again and will continue to buy this product. I gifted this product to my family and friends.
    • Wendell Foster
      Everyone should try this.
      Verified Purchase
      My dermatologist recommended this shampoo for my limp, thinning hair condition. This shampoo works great on my hair because it adds shine and softness to my hair. My hair has become thick and healthy. You only need a little shampoo for tons of lather. It is affordable and quite worth the price, and will work for men and women.
    • W. Pearson
      Fuller hair fast!
      Verified Purchase
      Wow, this really works. It thickens my hair really well. It gives me a much fuller look.
    • R. W.
      Progress After 2 Months
      Verified Purchase
      I purchased this shampoo because I have a mild form of psoriasis and that could lead to having thin hair in certain areas. My hair is thicker now since I started to use it. It did take using the shampoo for almost two months. Also, I only use it once per week and alternate it with using another shampoo also. However, my hair definitely looks fuller.
    • J. Adkins
      We love it!
      Verified Purchase
      Both my husband and I really like this shampoo. It doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped and smells really good. I color my hair and get really brittle, but the shampoo is very gentle and it doesn't cause my scalp to break out and flake.
    • G. Briggs
      Stopped My Hair Loss Fast
      Verified Purchase
      Like most people these days, I am under a lot of stress. My already thinning and fine hair was falling out. I decided to try this shampoo and after only using it three times, my hair loss was cut in half. It smells really good too. I was very happy that I found a product that really does what it claims! I will definitely be reordering it!
    • Tracy
      Let It Sit In The Shower
      Verified Purchase
      This shampoo works its best if you allow it to stay on your hair while you are washing the rest of your body. It has an acceptable smell, and you will definitely notice a difference. It doesn't grow hair, but it will make the hair that you have thicker It makes it manageable and feels full. I will be using it from ow one. If you have thin hair, try it. I am a 68-year-old woman and had had thin hair for a really long time.
    • Lula
      People Are Seeing The Difference
      Verified Purchase
      I bought this shampoo after noticing that my hair was starting to look quite a bit thinner. Initially, I had my doubts about whether or not it would work. After using it for several weeks, however, I noticed that my hair was looking thicker. What really convinced me that it is working, though, is that my friends have even mentioned that my hair is looking thicker and healthier, as well.
    • Minnie S.
      Does What It Says
      Verified Purchase
      This shampoo lives up to the promises made by the company in terms of making your hair softer and shinier. None of my hair has fallen out after I started using it, either. I have purchased it more than once and have always been pleased with the results. One of the things I really love about it is that you don't need to use very much of the shampoo when you wash your hair.
    • Jenna U.
      Overall, pretty happy
      Verified Purchase
      So far, I am really pleased with the shampoo and plan on buying more of it. Along with seeing some tiny hairs sprouting, I also like that it doesn't dry out my scalp and has a pleasant odor. I noticed that my hair feels stronger. I can't say for sure that the new hair growth is because of the shampoo, although it is the only thing I have changed in my routine. I have also noticed that fewer hairs wind up in my brush after taking a shower, too, which is great.
  • Invigorates Hair Growth
  • Helps Prevent Thinning
  • Promotes Stronger, Thicker, Healthier Hair

That thick, full, healthy head of hair you daydream about CAN be a reality.

Even though we are often told we can't do anything about hair loss, the truth is that we can. Make a simple switch from standard shampoo to one enriched with natural growth-enhancers. Be careful though, for not all thickening shampoos contain the right ingredients.

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

All hair on your body grows from small openings in the skin called follicles. These follicles stop creating new hairs if they get damaged or shrink. One way they get damaged is by having too many hormone by-products.

They can build up at the base of the scalp and interfere with proper hair growth. This also triggers follicles to let go of hairs early, leaving hair looking sparse and thin.

Men Vs Women

Women lose their hair for many reasons. Trauma, stress, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and metabolic problems all threaten the hair's volume.

It's also common for ladies to lose hair as they age and go through menopause. If you spot that your hair is falling out, you still have time to fix it with natural solutions.

Men are at a much higher risk of developing thinning hair (androgenic alopecia).

A staggering 85% of men show signs of male pattern baldness before the age of 50. Although genetics has a lot to do with your head of hair, it's not a life sentence. You CAN battle that receding hairline.

The answers lie with Mother Nature and science.

Finally, A Real Solution For Thinning Hair

Saving the hair you have and growing more is easier than you think. You don't even need to make any changes to your lifestyle. All it can take is choosing the right shampoo.

We wash our hair with shampoo very often - most of us do it every day!

This hair care regime will be far more rewarding if you choose a shampoo that does more than just clean. You need a shampoo that has 3 essential hair-strengthening ingredients.

These are Biotin, AnaGain, and Baicapil. Also, be sure to choose a shampoo that's phthalate-free and sulfate-free!

Hair Therapy Shampoo Ingredients Include:

Baicapil is a patented elixir that stimulates hair growth and prevents loss of hair. It combines three active botanical ingredients.

They are Soybean Sprouts, Wheat Sprouts and Scutellaria Baicalensis Root (Baical Skullcap). These natural extracts can stimulate hair growth and enrich hair density.

How Does Baicapil Work?

Baicapil helps increase the ratio of anagens (growing hairs) to telogens (degenerating hairs). This protects the scalp from losing healthy hairs.

Benefits of Baicapil:

  • Revitalizes Hair Follicles
  • Protects Against Oxidative Damage
  • Increases Hair Density
  • Prevents Loss of Hair
  • Combats Receding Hairline

AnaGain is an innovative hair-growth cycle stimulator. It stems from organic pea sprouts which have nourishing phytonutrients.

Studies have shown AnaGain can produce positive gene expression in the dermal papilla. This means your hair becomes denser, stronger and more resilient.

How Does AnaGain Work?

AnaGain stimulates specific signaling molecules in the dermal papilla that kickstart hair-growth. It increases the density of growing hairs (anagen) while lowering degenerating hair density.

Benefits of AnaGain:

  • Stimulates Hair Growth At The Root
  • Prolongs The Hair's Life Cycle
  • Shown To Work For Women AND Men
  • Organic Plant Source Is Gentle On Hair

Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7, or Vitamin H. It's very important for healthy skin, hair, nails and more.

The main reason we need Biotin in our system is to help us use the proteins we get from our diet.

Keratin is one essential protein that your body needs to grow and keep healthy hair.

Without enough of it, our body will struggle to heal and grow.

This can cause nails to splinter and break, skin to dry out and lose elasticity and hair to become weak and fragile.

How Does Biotin Work?

You can help your body create hair-strengthening proteins by using a Biotin-enriched shampoo. You have to get enough Vitamin B7 for your hair to grow out strong and thick.

Benefits of Biotin:

  • Supports Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails
  • Helps Synthesize Keratin Proteins
  • Assists The Metabolism
  • Essential Part Of B Complex Vitamins

Hair Therapy Shampoo FAQ

How Soon Will I See Results?

You'll likely begin to notice positive changes within the first 4 – 6 weeks. Everyone's body is a little different, so don't worry if your results take a little longer to show.

How Do I Use Hair Therapy Shampoo?

Use Hair Therapy Shampoo like you would your normal shampoo, at least twice a week for the full effects.

Squeeze a generous amount onto your hand and lather into wet hair for 2 - 5 minutes. Then rinse well, and repeat if necessary.

What Makes This Shampoo Different?

Unlike other shampoos that claim to thicken hair, Hair Therapy Shampoo is for both men AND women.

It also contains naturally-derived products instead of harsh chemicals. They are, in fact, 100% sulfate-free AND phthalate-free.

Hair Therapy Shampoo works for all hair types and won't leave a greasy residue behind.

What Should I Expect From This Product?

You can expect clean, fresh-smelling, luscious-looking hair in minutes.

Your hair should feel stronger, thicker and healthier after the use of Baicapil, AnaGain, and Biotin. Hair Therapy Shampoo uses all three of these natural ingredients to boost growth.

Is This Product Safe?

At Clinical Effects, we create our products in an FDA certified laboratory. Strict quality controls are in place to protect our customers' best interests.

The FDA considers the ingredients used in our products to be generally safe. While everyone's body is different, very few customers report any negative side effects.

If you experience any problems, feel free to contact our customer service department.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

We're convinced you'll love this product as much as we do. In fact, if for ANY REASON you’re not completely satisfied, just return your order within 90 days and we’ll issue a full refund of the purchase price! What do you have to lose? Get started today!

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