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    Keto BHBoost

    Clinical Effects Keto Support BHBoost is a blend of 3 powerful Beta Hydroxybutyrate ingredients that work together to facilitate mental and physical performance. BHBoost's ketone bodies deliver an immediate boost of energy and performance for both athletes and busy professionals looking for an edge without the side effects of the full keto diet.



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      SAVE $70
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    • GOOD DEAL:
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      3 Bottles
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      1 Bottle


    As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules once a day with a meal. BHBoost can be used while following the Keto Diet as well as when not following the Keto Diet to get many of the same benefits the diet provides.


    Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate


    *Results may vary

    • Never had energy like this!
      I just din't feel like I had the ummph to really exercise so based off the reviews about this giving people energy I bought it. I don't know about anything else but I am more alert and and my mind is clear. I don't feel sluggish anymore. I didn't have any side effects either. So I am very happy! Oh and I have been walking so that says it all.
      K. Holiday
    • 100% will buy again
      As far as what I noticed most is that I can think. I been on my diet for 5 months an I have lost 25 lbs. I plateaued that's when I started these pills. I can swallow them easy too. In less than 2 weeks I lost another 6 lbs. It gets my numbers right faster too. Huge Fan. I'm buying more.
    • Worth it
      I'm older and my metabolism is slower now. I had surgery and have been having issues with my weight. This helps I finally found something. This is my second bottle. I could tell because my pants started to be loose. So far I have lost 21 lbs. I will be getting more!
      A. Washington
    • This definitely works!
      I have been on these for two and a half weeks and I have lost eight pounds. I have energy to do stuff around the house now. It really curbs my appetite so I have been able to eat smaller portions. I know these will help me get this weight off.
      Jacqueline A.
    • I'm the husband and I say it works!
      My wife has taken these capsules for just over a week and she dropped 5 pounds. I love it! She doesn't have the side effects like some of the other products she has used. Lets see if she gets into that dress lol
      T. Nixon
    • Truck loads of energy!
      I liked the reviews for this so I bought it. That one is gone and more is on the way. I did lose some weight but my energy level is through the roof! Not jittery either. So the amount of energy is amazing!
      A. Jacobson
    • I was visibly slimmer in three weeks.
      We all like the gratification of a diet that works fast. BHBoost helped me see progress in my weight loss that had previously stalled, and let me finally relax once I saw I'd found something that worked.
      Maggie F.
    • No more keto flu!
      This is my second time trying the keto diet. The first time I did it, the first week was so bad it nearly scared me off the diet for good. This time though, with BHBoost I had a much better time!
      Angie D.
      This is my first time with this and I did not believe it worked.But these pills have gotten rid of my urges. I'm not snacking all day. YES!! I just started but I'm pumped!
      C. James
    • Game Changer
      With the help of these pills and my diet I have lost 20+ I took them like the bottle sugget so I wouldn't feel off. The capsuls don't taste like anything and go down easy,
      Adolof Y.
    • No Nausea Holds hunger
      Listen I had no hunge after I took them. My stomach wasn't upset and I did't smell nothing stinly. I didm't get hungry till five hours later. I did not need to snack! YES!
    • See it for yourself!
      I have tried different diet pills since I was a teenager but this one has worked the best for me. Paired with fasting it really works, I would recommend it to anyone.
      Randy L
    • It is potent
      I'm doing this review on behalf of my friend who has taken this product for a month and I notice his increased energy and asked him. He said the scale is happier too!
      Marie M.
    • No hunger YAY!
      At 55 it's difficult for me to just lose fat. This product worked faster than the last 4 products keeping my hunger down. This helps me get there faster.
      R. Mellon
    • It works to the MAX
      I noticed it the second day. I used the bathroom. I was energetic and I wasn't hungry. I actually got some stuff done around the house. I hope it keeps it up!
    • It really works!!
      I have only been using this for a few days and I already lost 4 pounds it really works My appetite is decreased and I can't believe it! I'm impressed
    • One month 23# gone
      The capsules are easy. I didn't believe it would work when I started but it's been a month and I went from 226.1 lbs to 203.5 lbs. That's almost 23#!
      Dessie H.
    • Stopped my cravings
      My first time and I didn't realize how much I snacked until three weels in I noticed I wasn't snacking Not only that I have alot of energy
      C. Gonzalez
    • What to do with all this energy
      I am on the third day and I have never had this much energy! I haven't been hungry. I think I will do some exercise and I hate exercise !
      Chauncey H.
    • Felt full
      I havent had to snack. I don't have to think about eating because I feel full. It's been two weeks and I have lost 6 lbs
      C. Snyder
    • My belly fat is going away
      I like the increased energy but my belly is getting smaller. It's only been 4 weeks and there is a noticable difference.
    • Jump start weight loss
      I started my diet 4 months ago and I stopped losing weight. I started this supplement last week and I already lost 8 pounds!
      Barbara S.
    • Unbelievable
      My stomach has went down and I am not done with the bottle. It's unbelievable how fast I could see a difference.
      Betty C.
    • First one that didn't make me jittery
      I love this product! I was totally suprised how good they work. I lost 12 pounds the first 10 days. Awsome!
      B. D. Bowens
    • This is exciting!
      Finally something does what it says. I love it and I am excited to see how close I get to my goal.
      S. McKenzie
    • No sickness
      I tried it on an empty stomach and I was just fine. The capsules are easy going down that helps.
      Bobby W.
    • Increase Ketones
      It's hard for us veggies to reach higher levels of ketosis.. now I'm moderate. Great product!
      Wilhelmina H.
    • Gets the job done
      I never take diet pills but this one is different. No food craving and my stomach is flatter
      W. Kingsley
    • No cravings
      I love having control over my eating! I haven't snacked because I don't have the urge Yay!
      Sherilyn P.
    • Works
      Only been several days and I can tell its working couple lbs down and I haven't been hungry
      Mabel B.
    • Gotta try it
      I been on these for three months. My workouts are better and I am going more often.
    • It's the one!
      Great value. It came fast. If somebody says it don't work I say "Yes it does!"
    • Increases your energy level
      I lost 7 lbs in 10 days. I have been able to exercise an still have energy.
      J. Allman
    • They Work!
      These did everything. Didn't have side effects. I love how fast they arrived.
      Kathleen D.
    • Loving it
      Only been two weeks and all my results have been just what I expected
      D. Patch
    • Not craving those snacks
      I take 2 pills and my appetite is almost zilch. I don't even miss snacking.
      K. Sellers
    • Just incredible
      My fat % went from 15 to 14.6 in a short time. I had loads of energy.
      K. Crabtree
    • ENERGY
      I love the energy! They keep me feeling full so I don't need to overeat.
      Frank D.
    • 14 days 15 lbs
      Great Product! The lbs coming off motivated me! I have lots of energy!
      L. A. Herr
    • Effective
      Lost 24 pounds already. The price is so reasonable too.
      Lucille G.
    • Amazing
      The results are amazing... at first I was like 'whatever'
    • My success story
      True story.....I lost weight while I was sleep! It works!
    • Good value
      I like the price. The pills are easy to swallow.
      S. English
    • Immediate
      Losing the first month. Getting second bottle.
    • Great Product
      The difference in my energy is incredible!
      J. J.
    • It's Awsome!
      I will absolutely purchase again! Love it!
      Jeanette M.
    • Gonna buy more
      Its easy to swallow!
    • Happy
      Great product!
      J. White
    • This is the right one!
      I was still 35 pounds from my goal and thigs just plateaued. I started not expecting it to work and boy am I shocked. Not only have I lost 11 pounds in 6 days I feel better. I have energy and I have been going an extra hour or two without having to eat. I am so glad I tried it.
      John L.
    • Transformed me
      I have tried so many diet pills and powders that said it promised to do this and that but none of them have given the results I have gotten with these capsules. I am soo happy I found these! They have helped me regulate how much I am eating and I still have tons of energy!
      L. Schneider
    • For me it's working!
      I am shrinking! When I told my partner I was going to diet he bout fell out laughing. I'm in the second month and he ain't laugh now. My shape is better and I been working out more. The weight is disappearing. I don't get jittery either. I am a fan!
      C. Murray
    • Really supresses
      I had been lacking motivation to keep going after starting this supplement my energy levels are sky high. I think I can stay away from carbs because it suppresses my appetet.
    • Hunger gone immediately
      It worked on my appetite as soon as I started I knew that my appetite was way reduced. That's what I have been struggling with so it works great.
      E. W.
    • Simple And Effective
      I like that this is the only pill I need to support my keto diet. I definitely have more energy now. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the results!
      Catherine N.
    • Must try!
      I have a hard time getting the right type of energy. I love to work out and this supplement has been everything to my energy level.
      J. Langley
    • No side effects with this one
      I was impressed that I didn't have to worry about bad taste in mouth or upset stomach. I had that with other supplements.
      M. Proulx
    • Great product
      I love this product! I have energy and good digestion. I can eat smaller portions and still not be hungry. Nice!
      Howard F.
    • Never believed but I'm convinced
      I just started and I already feel the difference. So much energy I will update when I see more. I know I will.
      Olivia T.
    • No jitters
      Most of the products I have tried always make me jittery but not this one. It is giving me more energy too.
      E. Elliot
    • Worked for mom
      I got this for my mother to help her diet. She has dropped 17 lbs. And she said she isn't hungry all day.
      M. Sutton
    • Winner!
      Other stuff I tried was more expensive. This product suppressed my appetite and I feel full. Satisfied!
      R. H.
    • So Helpful
      Helped me get my weight loss going. These were what I needed! With my diet and exercise these are thumbs up!
      Stella G.
    • Easy to do
      I haven't noticed alot of weight come off but I haven't been as hungry and I don't choke taking the pills.
      N. G. Gray
    • Appetite decreased
      I lost 5 lbs in three weeks. I haven't had cravings or side effects. I'll be buying more.
      Jacqueline S.
    • Worth it!
      Not hungry no jitters. I don't think I been craving and I lost 4 pounds the first week
      William A.
    • Burns Fat
      6% body fat in the first month. I did work hard but these definitely did their job
      L. Bonilla
    • No effort
      6 pounds and I didn't exercise one time. I can't wait to see how it goes.
    • Seriously works
      Great product. Still doing it going into the second month. lost 18 lbs.
      M. Hardcastle
    • No smell
      I love there is no smell or taste. The capsules are super easy!
      A. S.
    • Great product
      I have bought these before and I will again and again
      C. Russell
    • Works just like it says
      It curbed my appetite. Drink you lots of water.
    • Not Jittery
      There was no jitter feelings and I felt full
    • Good so far
      Lost 5 pounds already!
      V. P.
    • Great product
      Rodney D.
    • Almost As Good As The Full Keto Diet
      I have been on and off the keto diet for about a year now. I tried KetoBHBoost this week and while my diet has been less than perfect I still feel sharper and have more energy. Highly Recomended
      Jack S